Alacant Desperta returns full of urban art

Nine scenes featuring music, poetry, theatre, circus, sports, active education or sustainability are part of Alacant Desperta’s VIII. creates the pressure. Mount Tossal in Alicante two years later, with a broad agenda of events from May 13-15.

under the slogan breaththis urban cultural festival organized by the collective For the Love of Art In cooperation with the Alicante City Council, it comes together for three days more than 80 groups will fill the dedicated stages with music Rock, electronic and hip hop. In the first, Alabayos, Homo No Sapiens or Motonegra, starts at 7 pm on Friday, among others, and on Saturday and Sunday Lapsus, Los Minipimers, Caja B, Discípulos de Titán, Kamilo Soriano or Lord Byron and the Ambassodors, who will be closing this space.

on stage electronic music Many DJs come together as well as artists such as The Liquid Mirror, Viika, RepAlive or Acheote.

This hip hop El Siervo opens the festival with Aukan on Friday, in the third musical stage featuring Los LIghter, Ze Kings, Elia Soriz, Nase or Chamán Charro, as well as hosting a freestyle challenge and another break dance.

There will be music on stage. “together and mixed“, hosts bands of different styles such as Jean Jass, Música de Mierda, Yake or Tearful Sorrow.

programming performing arts It includes tai-chi, African dance, batucada, contemporary pole dance, Balkan dance, Condor, Nana Moon or contemporary music and poetry.

This poem It also appears with recitals by Marina García and Elena Tajuelo, Nelo Curti, Mercedes de Cecilia, Iván Calero, Amador Navarro and Enrique Morte.

This Sustainability It’s an issue that Alacant Desperta has always been sensitive to. Therefore, another area is devoted to this topic. There were actions against climate change, beach cleaning and various workshops such as urban gardens, recycling or printing, free market and clearing table.

region city ​​sports Alongside the jugger, bike polo or highline exhibitions, there will also be a symbolic walk around the festival area.

active education it occupies another place with a wide variety of workshops from ceramics to sign language, from comics to manga or cosplay.

This circus Working in different modalities, Esto no es Serio, Betzy and Company occupies the final stage with performances by Tello or Jota, as well as workshops for juggling, hula hoop or unicycle.

meeting point

Thus, Tossal Park becomes a meeting point for all residents and visitors of Alicante, where they can explore the wide variety of multicultural and intergenerational proposals that have emerged in the city thanks to the devoted efforts of artists and organizers.

Cultural Consultant, Anthony ManresaAfter this two-year mandatory absence due to ill-health, “the festival hopes there will be a massive influx of people who want to enjoy the myriad and varied offerings of this very special edition; culture is returning to our streets, showing that more. Live longer than ever before.”

Alacant Desperta is a collective project born from the enthusiasm of grassroots culture to imagine new inclusive socio-cultural models built by and for the community, making room for new experiences of creativity, free expression and artistic experimentation.

One of the main goals of the festival is to create opportunities for everyone who wants to participate, hear, look, feel, and encourage citizens to continue to share this experience every day of the year.

Source: Informacion


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