Manzanares and Morante will fight twice and at the Talavante Bonfire Fair

double Manzanares and Morante de la Pueblareturn Alexander Talavant To the squares of the Community of Valencia, the 25th anniversary of Benidorm Andy Cartagena presentations in arenas, Alicante arena Pablo Aguado and Tomas Rufoposter designed by Luis Francisco Espla They are the main attraction of the Hogueras Bullfighting Fair, which has returned to normal this year, and it does so with the presence of major figures of the current bullfights. Added to this is the celebration of August 7, which will bring José Tomás to Alicante, which raises expectations wherever he goes and ensures success in the Alicante arena.

The posters were presented by the mayor of Alicante this morning. Luis Barcala; Councilor of the Plaza de Toros, Mari Carmen from Spainand businessman from Alicante arena, Nacho LloretIn a Blue Hall full of representatives of the bullfighting world who support the full return of this fair, which “replaces the bullfight and the city of Alicante” because “the fair is called an opportunity for the Bulls. Together with David Caballero, bullring businessman Nacho Lloret, Tony CabotDirector of the BİLGİ Club.

This cycle, which will begin with a celebration of rejones on June 19 and end with a bullfight with pickaxes on Sunday 26, will serve to close acts of homage to Manzanares for the 50th anniversary of his alternate and will be held with the two. afternoons when his son is going for a walk. He will be on the 23rd with him. El Fandi and Roca Rey, and on the 24th, the center of the Fair in the afternoon, Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado.

Morante will share a shortlist on the 25th. Alejandro Talavante and Tomas Rufothe opening bullfight will rejones, Andy Cartagena, Lea Vicens and Hermoso de Mendoza. On the 26th he will be at the lal novillada picada with the bullfighters too Borja Ximelis, Santiago Espla and Borja Escudero which outputs

Mari Carmen, Luis Barcala and Nacho Lloret from Spain with a poster of the José Tomás celebration yesterday in Salón Azul. Ernest Caparros

“A complete program, from the festivities to the presence of such an indisputable world figure as José Tomás,” Lloret noted, “noting that it was the Madrid bullfighter who chose us with his scepter. Alicante is one of his favorite cities to fight”.

Regarding the right-handed player’s contract, “the challenge is to involve the entire city as the organizer of the event and size it up to the level of mobilization generated by fans from all over the world and creating a similar economic impact”.

Nacho Lloret highlighted why José Tomás can present this celebration in Alicante. “Normally public squares have a limitation; the top businessman is usually the one who pays more for the property and less for the tickets. Demagogically that’s fine, but I think it goes against the quality of the show.”

In this sense, there is a clause in Alicante’s specification that “makes us dream, allows us to have an extraordinary celebration with José Tomás this year”.


Fair, qualified by the mayor of Alicante Louis Barcala as “historical” after two “very difficult” years. “Saving the fair had to meet those expectations that would overwhelm us in a June” and also with José Tomás “because we know it will be a full house in everything and everywhere”.

It has also highlighted Alicante Bullfighting SchoolDirected by Francisco José Palazón, “those boys and girls who want to move on and show that Alicante is bullfighting, it’s an undeniable fact”.

He also thanked the company for the “professional and economic” effort, because “that’s what it means to offer bullfights for an entire week, depending on the situation. loss of hours and working hours“.

In this sense, the mayor hopes that “We in Alicante will be proud of this fair, that we will bring the ranks closer and meet expectations to face what lies before us. We will enjoy it because we deserve it and we need it”. .

And he warned: “Don’t ask me for tickets… I’ve been tortured for two days. I don’t have a ticket, don’t ask me”.

Young people from the Alicante Bullfighting School next to a poster made by Esplá with its director Palazón Ernest Caparros

Espla Banner

Lloret noted that bullfighter Luis Francisco Esplá from Alicante signed the banner for this year’s Fair, adding that it was “the icing on the cake.” “We wanted to make room for another great bullfighter of our country, as well as an artist who creates a work that will be the epitome of the season, full of symbolism and meaning, full of optimism and light.”

According to Barcala, “There will be a lot to talk about this poster.” “Bullfighter in its purest form, with the fusion of Alicante, which is not the usual poster of any bullfighting fair”.

place of responsibility

In Toni Cabot’s speech, apple orchards When his father first brought cattle from his farm to Alicante in 1993, he described the Alicante bullfighting arena as a “place of responsibility”.

“This is the adjective I cling to to commend the management of two young and determined businessmen, David Caballero and Nacho Llorente, for bringing an exhibition that is more extraordinary than ever.” In his opinion, “the best fairground ever seen on the terreta ends the mission with a bullfight in August with José Tomás and the best cattle ranches.”

“He advocated for responsible management that put us on the map of the bullfight, which adorns the city category with one more star and offers the opportunity to create more wealth around us. A city that will benefit from the arrival of visitors,” the journalist said.

United Podem-EUPV, against

Municipal group received less satisfaction Unides Podem-EUPV This is the programming of the Bonfire Fair. “We are against this and any other cartels that may have been presented. This is unthinkable in the 21st century. it’s still called culture to torture and martyr an animal Let the extreme suffering of an animal be a spectacle until death. Building a more just, egalitarian and modern city requires an end to the celebration of bullfights and the abuse and killing of bulls.

In this sense, they propose, “As a first step to stop the bloodshed of innocent animals in its arena, the Plaza de Toros should pass to the municipal and public administration, thereby implementing cultural and social activities that turn it into a plaza for all.” .


Sunday, June 19th. The Bulls of Fermin Bohórquez. Andy Cartagena, Lea Vicens, Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza

Monday, June 20. Practical lesson. Steering wheels by Aida Jovani. Cid de María (Guadalajara Bullfighting School), Daniel Encinas (Alicante), Roberto Martín (Zaragoza), Alejandro Troya (Alicante), Joaquín García (Alicante), Javier Cuartero (Alicante)

Tuesday, June 21. Practical lesson. Steering wheels from El Parralejo. Ángel Delgado (Úbeda), Nek Romero (Valencia), Angelín (Alicante), Javier Poley (Huesca), Kevin Alcolado (Alicante), Miguel Losana (Toledo)

Wednesday, June 22. Bulls of Fuente Ymbro. Antonio Ferrera, Miguel Angel Perera, Gines Marin

Thursday, June 23. Victoriano del Río-Taurus de Cortés bulls. El Fandi, Jose Mari Manzanares, Roca Rey

Friday, June 24. The Bulls of Álvaro Núñez. Morante de la Puebla, Jose Mari Manzanares, Pablo Aguado

Saturday, June 25. The Bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq. Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante, Tomas Rufo

Sunday, June 26. Wheels by Zacarías Moreno. Borja Ximelis, Santiago Espla, Borja Escudero (first time with picadores)

Sunday, August 7th. Four bulls from different farms. Jose Thomas. Extraordinary Run (Off-season ticket).

All the festivities of the Bonfire Fair will begin at 19.00. August, 19:30 Admission to the applied classes will be free of charge. Tickets to witness the extraordinary celebration on August 7 will go on sale online from 12 noon on May 28.

renovation and sale fertilizers For Bonfire Fair from 30 May and sale Single entry from 13 June. 2019 season ticket holders will be logged in on 7 August.

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