Alan 12 starts tomorrow in Rabasa with “Gutting History” youtubers

popular youtubers Easter and RodrReinterpreting the most popular stories and fairy tales under the name “Destripando La Historia” as an audio-visual parody, i area 12 in Alicante Rabasafor this it is expected that some 120,000 people participate in the twenty or so performances that stand out among them Ancient Morla, Bunbury, Phyto & Fitipaldis, leiva, dress anyone illIn addition to hosting Spring Festivalsuffering thong, Zahara anyone Rigoberta Bandini as leading figures.

Company Baltimore Productions After the last two years of experience in the port of Alicante, it is a place that needs to be changed to serve up to 16,000 people who will manage this space for three years, expected to show more interest in performances. Area has 12 enclosures 20,000 square metersIn addition to the stage and bars, there will be various gastronomic areas and a parking lot for 2 thousand vehicles.

This budget 2.5 million euros and the financially cooperating Alicante Tourism Board has the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Costa Blanca Tourism Board, but did not specify their contribution yesterday. According to the organization, the establishment of Area 12 in Rabasa will have a direct impact of eight million euros on the city’s economy. 60% of the attendees of the hundred demonstrations that took place in the port of Alicante last year came from outside the city of Alicante. In addition, the organization believes that the administrations will respond positively to the proposal to extend the tram and bus services to serve the participants. Cultural Council Member Antonio Manresa described the collaboration with Baltimore, which began three years ago, yesterday as “very profitable” for the city, and said of the City Council “we are trying to provide the infrastructure to start this path”. “Great events that allow “to make Alicante great little by little”.

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