Latest films from Aliaga, Valero and Colombo invited to Alicante Film Festival

Three titles will be showcased during the projection week. Alicante Kinepolis cinemas and tickets will go on sale later May 14 with a price of 3 euros. Openly, longest life Y posidonia they are currently competing at the DocsValència international documentary film festival.

33 years of darkness, to be shown by Luis Colombo Monday, May 23 at 9:00 pm.. Before the director’s book is presented, Luis Colombo, I was a cameraman… written by Martin Sanz. Filmin story Saturnino de LucaHe was captured as the progressive mayor of his town by General Franco’s military uprising in April 1936. The parish priest Don Alberto, a personal friend of Saturnino’s, warns him to flee, as fascist forces and town chief Juan Marcelo intend to shoot him. Saturnino initially escapes, hiding in the block of the priest’s house, where he will stay until the end of the war.

This Tuesday, 24, at 20:00. the turn will come longest lifeIt is David Valero’s fourth feature film. The movie tells the story of the hero, Mary94 years old, lives in a poor neighborhood San Vicente del Raspeigand his neighbor and mother-in-law died at the same age as him. She knows death is imminent, but Maria wants to live to be 100 and makes a pact with God.

posidonia Adán Aliaga Wednesday, 25th at 20:00. The documentary feature film has the island island as its central axis. gunFirst populated in 1778 and now a filmmaker is making a documentary exploring the secrets of Posidonia, the longest living being on the planet. Everyone thinks it’s a moss, but it’s a plant and it gives flowers. The beautiful posidonia flower should be the end of the movie. But a global pandemic will turn things around. All the islanders and flowers also disappeared.

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