Comedian Olga Kartunkova recalled how they wanted to deprive her of parental rights because of her KVN hobby 26.05.2023, 19:28

Comedian Olga Kartunkova told on Ivan Abramov’s YouTube program how relatives threatened her with deprivation of parental rights because of her desire to play in KVN.

“I slept on a train with two kids for 15 years! One with diarrhea, the other with snot. For 15 years they shouted behind me: “Are you sick?! We will completely deprive you of motherhood, we will take away the children!” Who screamed? Local. I will not enumerate. Now they are already idolizing, ”Remembered Kartunkova.

She complained that parents very rarely take a positive attitude to the fact that their children are fond of playing KVN. According to the humorist, the only person who supported her passion was Kartunkova’s husband, Vitaly. At that time, the humorist realized that if he had to arrive at the KVN rehearsal on time, he did his housework twice as fast.

“They said to me: “Where are you? You have two children!” So what? Should I touch myself? Sit down and knit? Sorry, I live in the village of Vinsady, they do not pamper me with restaurants, no one took me abroad, ”the comedian recalled.

Previously Kartunkova remembered how she was bullied for being overweight.

Source: Gazeta


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