Juan Cruz presents the book “Abelardo de Carlos. Illustrated editor” in Alicante

Alicante Town Venue, next monday 29 may introduction of the book “Abelardo de Carlos. Illustrated Editor”of the authors Alicia Moreno de Carlos and Luis de Carlos. The event, which will take place at 20:00 at Ramón y Cajal Headquarters, at 4, will be attended by journalist and author Juan Cruz, the author of the book’s afterword, and UA Professor of Private International Law Manuel Desantes as moderators.

Alice Morenothis post, Edited by Almuzara, “Since then, we want to value the figure of Abelardo de Carlos. The most important publisher of the 19th century He published one of the most important magazines of our country, South America and Europe in the 19th century, Spanish and American Enlightenment.


Abelardo de Carlos y Almansa tTransformed Spanish journalism. Born without a father in Cádiz in 1822, he was a self-made man. After working as a clerk in a bookstore, he opened his own bookstore. Managed the Printing House of the Medical Journal, He bought a local newspaper, the most important and small in Cádiz, and turned it into a newspaper. Illustrated Elegant Fashion The reference women’s magazine in Spain in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Book cover.

Behind In 1868, II. The revolution that overthrew Isabel, Abelardo de Carlos moved to live in Madrid, which he bought. universal museum There was the Spanish and American Enlightenment. Restoration’s most exclusive magazine. Abelardo de Carlos has published publications of the highest quality combining the printed letter with the image.. He left opinion journalism for information journalism.both national and international, where he used his first press reporters.

he had best writers and engravers He wanted to make educated and encyclopedic publications and make room for all kinds of publications. themes, scientific and artisticpromoting progress and culture. It also formed a vertically integrated business group with a paper mill.La Guipuzcoana and a printing press, Rivadeneyra’s SuccessorsHe went international with offices in Madrid and Paris and contributed to the real estate development of Madrid, where he died in 1884.

Saving the memory of Abelardo de Carlos serescata is not just the story of a great businessman but those of the publications on whose pages it is collected The entire history of the restoration and whose pictures, some of which are reproduced in this bookof great beauty and a reference to the events of the time.

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