An owl story by Miguel Calatayud

Octavio Ferrero (İbi, 1981) To children’s literature in 2020 triscuspascosa story played two brothers Anaya publishing house wanted to publish her story under the label El Duende Verde, which she submitted to the Vila d’Ibi children’s narrative competition and which she did not win. Now, in the same collection, Ferrero just saw the release of his second book for children and youth, Trulus, trulos and owlsthis time it features two cousins ​​and their grandfather, some owls and other mysterious beings.

If the first work contains illustrations by the famous Galician cartoonist David Painter (Radio Bulebule, Barcelona) – from the publisher to whom my degomagogue Published on Ibi directed by Ferrero The first Nara dictionary Y Nara’s Big Adventure-, in the second, that their work as a whole has the collaboration of the cartoonist and cartoonist from Aspe, who won the National Illustration Award in 2009, Miguel Calatayud, with whom Ferrero co-published his great book imagine Peter Pan premiered the editorial catalog with it.

“I’m lucky Miguel [Calatayud] offered to cooperate The Aspense illustrator “had some sketches so I could get an idea, and then he’d work on it for me, so awork togetherHe spearheaded the new book, which was released on April 14.

In Trulus, trulos and owls easily visible Calatayud line through the pictures The story of two cousins, María and David, who have a very special relationship with each other and with their grandparents Inés and Roberto.. “They’re going to entrust them with a secret about some lost letters, the magician, the magician, some owls, and of course the trulus and the trulos. From now on, they’re dealing with an equally mysterious and special task”, the argument points to.

“The story is a bit complicated because there are jumps in time but focuses on a secret passed down from grandparents to grandchildren”says the author of a story talking about nature conservation and intergenerational relationship and connection between grandparents and grandchildren.

Ferrero, who has always had a great interest in graphic work, feels “very lucky to work with illustrators that I deeply admire” and his relationship with them does not end with this story. Author and publisher He is preparing a new photo album “very funny” with Calatayud ITro with Barcelona illustrator Jordi Vila Delclòs (Trafalgar, Salvador Espriu, Barcelona Pop-up), will be published this year. “Things that come up without summoning them and are totally fun”says Ferrero.

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