Solar energy, certified cotton and the electric car make a film festival like few in Elche a reality

The Rural Film Festival is reaching its eleventh and is moving to Camp d’Elx to screen a total of 73 films from 30 June to 9 July.

Mayor of Rural Development, Felip Sanchezpresented the program with the directors of the traveling film festival: Jaume Quiles and Alberto Gutierrez. This year, four new districts were added to this initiative compared to last year. Special, La Marina, Torrellano, Perleta, Pla de Sant Josep, Asprella, Arenales del Sol, La Hoya and Las Bayas There will be games to enjoy these films for 10 nights that will present an up-to-date vision of international cinema in short and long format about the rural world and sustainability. The award ceremony will be held in La Marina.

As the councilor stressed, “this event, raising awareness about the reality of rural areas and the ecological and environmental issues that the filmmakers want to convey in these feature films”.

Quiles announced that a total of 12 screenings participated in the competition; nine of them in the official section, two for children and an intergenerational competition “No ten iaia, o sí!” a place where everyone can make short films and old people can vote.

Councilor Fèlip Sánchez at the center with the festival directors Information

“The free estimates represent approximately 42 nationalities. Of these, the number of films last year exceeded 13, with 31 women representing 43% of female participation, a figure showing that we seek equality to bridge the gender gap that exists in cinema”, Quiles pointed out.

HE The program consists of feature films, short films and medium-length films.documentaries, including 28 animated and 13 fictional films. Participating countries include Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Ukraine, Iran, Honkon, Taiwan and others from South America and Europe. The festival will also feature films that will have their national premieres in the districts.

Gutiérrez, meanwhile, announced that the event was held by the Elche City Council, National Institute of Culture, Generalitat, Miguel Hernández de Elche University (UMHE) and different associations.

Likewise, he noted that this festival stands out especially because of its prominence last year. Created 0 carbon footprints and this 2023 has gone even further and Signs from recycled paper, certified organic cotton t-shirts, production car to be 100% electric All outdoor shows will be performed using solar energy.

The councilor encouraged the filmmakers to show films and participate in some way at the festival, and to have the opportunity to promote the different aspects of Camp d’Elx such as lifestyle, culture and art.

Source: Informacion


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