“In Corto’s Shadow”, a journey through the work of Hugo Pratt

with a picture Hugo Pratt Drawing at his studio in Grandvaux (Switzerland) Corto Maltese New book directed by Confluencias in 1990 From Alicante Paco Linares, In Corto’s shadow. Conversations with Dominique Petitfaux. The publication, the second of the Hugo Pratt Collection, It will see the light on May 9 after that A pending appointment. Voyage in the South Seascovers four hundred pages of the Italian cartoonist and cartoonist’s extensive work through several years of conversations between Pratt and Petitfaux, the historian and critic. Some conversations that arose from a chance meeting of the two in 1985 in a Parisian bookstore, culminating in two books years later.

In Corto’s shadow one of them and offers an opportunity to delve into the creative world of Hugo Pratt and the dozens of stories he tells through his extensive work in vignettes. From the first character he created in 1945, ace of spadesuntil the last fifty years, morganstop by symbolic adventurer sailor Corto Malteseeven today he has formed an inseparable duo and has created a series for about twenty years; and not forgetting the other heroes created with Argentine screenwriter Héctor Oesterheld: Sergeant Kirk, Ticonderoga Flint or Ernie Pike.

“In addition to Corto Maltés, Hugo Pratt may have created forty different characters in 1967 – as Paco Linares points out – and this book analyze all your productionfrom its effects on his adventures to politics or the social reflections of the period; The phenomenon represented by Corto Maltese after his success in France in the late 1960s, and two other long-running works that accompanied him until the 1990s, desert scorpionsin World War II and castle tourin colonial North America”.

Cover of “In Corto’s Shadow” from the Hugo Pratt Collection INFORMATION

This book was published in Spain in 2012, but like the second book taken from conversations with Dominique Petitfaux, it had a small print circulation and sold out quickly. focused more on Pratt’s lifeIn 2023 it will also be added to the collection of the Italian creator, led by the artist from Alicante. Before Linares, he is preparing two more new works, which he considers to be an Italian writer and adventurer. One of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

In Corto’s shadow A more theoretical book for those who enjoy Hugo Pratt’s extensive analysis of comic book production. but also exciting. It’s as if Velázquez is telling you how he paints, how he creates the characters, how he does the sketches, how he puts this frame together,” Linares notes. presenting the new book and collection this Saturday with Antoni Guiral Comics Barcelona 2022two days before it goes on sale.

Cultural manager, curator and critic, Paco Linares Mico He is one of the greatest scholars of the binomial coined by Pratt and Maltese. He curated the exhibition in 2015. Hugo Pratt and Corto Maltese: Cross Routes He designed the texts of the exhibition for the University of Alicante and in 2019 The new adventures of Corto Maltese At the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC). The five-year director of the Comics Conference in Alicante was awarded in 2018 by the Spanish Comic Book Writers Association (AACE) for his work in supporting this event.

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