Meeting on the festivities of the Moors and Christians in Villena

The offer will be located at: Villena Culture House from 18:30 and will be managed by Francisco Rosique Pardo’s photo., chairman of the Central Board of Festivals of the Moors and Christians of this city. round table with Maria Christina HernandezFormer City Council Member of the Festivals Council bear; Gabino PonceHistorian of the Turks group saxophone; Joseph Francis Ricofestive onion; Maricruz Rojascomponent of comparison at Labradores villena; Y Mary Sevacomparison Maseros de member Castalla.

Vice President and Vice President for Culture, Julia Parrainvited citizens to participate in this meeting, which complemented the Juan Gil-Albert Cultural Institute’s extensive activities in different municipalities of the province. According to the cultural manager, “festivals are a an important part of our traditions deserves a space for its own analysis, review and discussion with a cultural approach”.

The cycle dedicated to the province’s festivities began last March. to make visible the diversity and importance of the celebrations in the province taking it as a starting point Reflections of this cultural heritage due to Covid. It is an event that aims to provide a global perspective on festivals, taking into account the past, present and future expectations of festivals.

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