Olga Buzova wanted to reunite with her sister 21:02

Actress and TV presenter Olga Buzova said on Instagram (the owner of Meta was considered an extremist and banned in Russia) that she misses her sister Anna.

Buzova released a picture from a family trip, which depicts the artist’s grandmother, mother and sister. The presenter admitted that he wants to meet women from his family.

“Woman’s power. Here to repeat. Me, grandmother, mother and sister,” the star shared.

Buzova’s sister responded to the singer’s broadcast, assuring that they will definitely reunite.

March 24 Buzova famous mother’s birthday. However, the artist cannot see his relative for the celebration due to the busy schedule. The youngest daughter, Anna, spent this day with the woman. The blogger and her husband took her mother to a restaurant and gave her a huge bouquet of red roses.

Buzova admitted that she was more worried about her mother than herself. The presenter wishes her mother to be healthy and happy “every second”. The star admitted that she misses traveling and conversations with a relative.

Previously Buzova complained of criticism of her appearance.

Source: Gazeta


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