Kristina Orbakaite did not attend the premiere of the film with her participation 08:39

Singer and actress Kristina Orbakaite missed the premiere of her movie “Carrot Love: Rise of the Machines”. writes about it

The director of the project, Andrey Volgin, explained that the absence of the artist was due to the fact that he went on tour. Gosha Kutsenko appeared at the premiere. “I looked at how many roles I have, Wikipedia says 169. But I actually have six roles. I played a woman, a child, a spoiled old man, I played in Insomnia. And the remaining 164 roles are a movie, because I played myself, ”the actor admitted.

Carrot Ask is about a couple with relationship problems. The couple decides to consult a psychologist after a husband-and-wife body swapping session. In the fourth episode of Rise of the Machines, the lovers who enter the bodies of robots try to reconcile after a new conflict.

Formerly Kristina Orbakaite said, for learning Latin for the filming of “Pregnancy Test”. According to the star, he carefully followed the doctors working in the clinic.

Source: Gazeta


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