Olga Orlova said that Borodina “warmed her soul” 18:54

Singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova on Instagram (the owner of Meta was considered an extremist and banned in Russia) told how the friendship began with her colleague from Dom-2 Ksenia Borodina.

Orlova shared a story about her favorite blanket in the project, where she and Borodina sat at the front. In 2017, this blanket belonged to Borodina, but she kindly offered her colleague to wrap herself in the blanket on set, she said.

“At that time we were not even close friends. But it seems to me that this is already a warm thing that binds us together. Therefore, thanks to Ksenia, I do not freeze neither at the front nor at the tete, ”said Orlova. The presenter noted that Borodina “warmed her soul.” The star told them shared a blanket and toured the film set of the project.

Previously Borodina celebrated her birthday on March 8 in Sochi. On March 15, Orlova told how a friend had an allergic attack while on vacation. This was due to the large number of mimosa bouquets in the room. The artist had to take allergy pills, which caused severe drowsiness. Because of him, the singer felt tired all evening and wanted to sleep.

Source: Gazeta


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