Larisa Guzeeva admitted that she never lived “one day” 18:56

Actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva on Instagram (the owner of Meta is recognized and banned in Russia as an extremist) admitted that she never lived a “day” and did not spend her last money on herself.

“I have never been carefree. I have not lived a day. Do not spend it on yourself. was not a girl Today psychologists advise everyone and everything to beautify and love yourself. Are successful people happy? What do you think?” Guzeeva asked subscribers.

Commentators were divided: some supported Guzeeva, while others pointed out that a person should not ignore their desires and put the needs of others above their own.

“Some do. There are no others and you don’t need to hurt yourself because psychologists said”; “It is not worth hitting everyone. But if you do not think about yourself, do not fill yourself with positive emotions, then you will not be able to give anything to your loved ones, ”the fans wrote.

Previously Guzeeva posted a video from Moscow amid rumors about obtaining Israeli citizenship. At the end of the video, the actress revealed that people at the airport recognized and greeted her.

Source: Gazeta


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