From the forties to boomers

There is no forty-odd years, and yes, forty-odd years or fifty-odd years and more. And yes, boomers are more than 12 million people who were born during the baby boom in Spain since 1957 and are now between the ages of 46 and 70. Raquel Gu, 51, from Barcelona in La edad stupendous (Sapristi), and Bartolomé Seguí, 60, from Mallorca, in Boomers (Salamandra Graphic), humor in cartoons overlap by making it visible and justifying from everyday life. from the personal experiences and environments of which generations are both a part and that many will feel identified with. Because they say that today’s 50s and 60s are not like our mothers and fathers. The effects of the passage of time: the death of friends and parents, ailments and diseases, wrinkles and loss of canonical beauty, sex and its absence, concerns shared with young people about menopause or the apocalypse we live in (Friday 17 March) is doing.

I followed Bartholomew

(1962), National Comics Award 2009 followed by a career between Barcelona and Palma and works such as Historias del barrio (with Gabi Beltrán, in Astiberri), I finished the third adaptation of the novels by Carvalho de Vázquez Montalbán (with Hernán) . Migoya at Norma) and the Boomers. Completely self-written work and own script, in which Lola and Ernesto take on the already older lead couple, a series he created for El Víbora in the ’80s. As in the case of La estupenda, Gu (Raquel Garcia Ulldemolins, 1972), who lives with his partner El estupendo and his friends and now on their striptease in El Jueves with friends, Ernesto was his alter ego. and I’m awesome about the ones released in 2017!. “Youth is glorified and rightly so, it is a wonderful time. But you’re 45 and you’re invisible as a woman,” complains Gu. He criticizes you if you’re not beautiful, thin, wrinkle-free. Menopause is a taboo and they say in a pejorative tone that you’re going through menopause, or they’ll laugh at your hot flashes. And it must be said loudly and clearly that the truth is It’s you, not the perfect body images created by Artificial Intelligence or filtered out on the nets. Men are also weighed down by the patriarchal legacy that tells them to be strong and super uncles. They experience a vital vertigo and vulnerability not so different from women’s ».

A page from Boomers, a comic by Bartolomé Seguí

These strips emphasize “rebellion against all this.” “We love each other more at our age, and in the face of vital vertigo questions arise like what do you want or where are you going? You are more aware of our limitations and try to laugh at it with humor rather than despair. Because, he adds, “time passes so quickly and you start to relativize many things and value others. We’ve already had bad times or dramas because of our age: missing parents, illness, teenage kids starting to feel the turmoil of life, breakups, layoffs… We’re not here for the gray-haired nonsense anymore. ». I continued to agree with him. «In my 40s I did not feel any crisis, but at 60 I did. I had an argument with my 30 year old daughter. I didn’t assume it was an insulting point like arrow, boomer or pollavieja. Without the typical complaints of our age, I reflect without acknowledgment, even though you see that your time has passed and now it is the young people who are pushing. You realize that you have more of your past than your future. And you want to make the most of your remaining years. Eliminate unnecessary things, waste time with people who don’t give you anything. And I make a song for friendship, for the couple, for what really matters ». As one of the characters said, “The important thing in life is to love and to be loved.”

Cartoons from Raquel Gu’s graphic story La edad stupendous.


“We are not ready for death or old age. My father died a short time before covid, I saw my mother-in-law rot in a house despite being well taken care of, how many comic book writers just over 60 died last year… You see your ticket is on the roulette wheel, if you’re lucky maybe you’ve had 10 or 15 years behind you, ‘ confirms Seguí. ‘Worse is death. Society should let you die with the honor you lived in. I think a lot about being able to choose through the front door and walk out before it gets too corrupt, “honest. The Angus character, who often contemplates death, is Gu’s “B-side”. “It takes a little bit of an iron inside me and helps me articulate the things that worry me and go through my head, but if I say it out loud, they call me crazy or doomsayer. It may seem pessimistic, but it is vital. Death is there and we will not escape it, so in the meantime let’s live as well as we can.

From the forties to boomers

“We have lived in peace for many years since we were born, and we always thought that the future would be better, because you were always improving your living conditions, but we see the pendulum returning, what you thought consolidated, returning. like freedom of speech, you lose them and censorship returns. Scary” assumes I misplaced it before this show of “Mordor”: “I never thought about the pandemic and look. And now the threat of the third world war, the climate apocalypse… you see it’s already here and you say to your children: ‘Enjoy it as much as you can, because maybe the future will be worse’».

The downward-moving theme of fake news and truth comes across in both comics. Magnificent in la edad, in the figure of Chicho. “There’s always been a lot of people like him: he’s obnoxious, macho, manipulable and uncritical, doesn’t contradict anything, and believes everything he’s told if it fits his prejudices,” says Gu. “It’s very worrying when someone lies and stays there as the truth. How do you dismantle them? Fake checkers have a future. You need a critical intuition. Because the more alienated we are to the powers, the better for them,” says Seguí.

Bartolomé Seguí Boomers Salamandra Chart 104 pages / 20 Euros

legacy to the young

Both cartoonists feel a little “guilty” for the world we leave to the next generation. “While we didn’t realize it at the time, it’s because we didn’t make things a little bit better as we could,” Gu says. The same thing will definitely happen to young people. Intergenerational dialogue is barren. They are not in a position to listen to us, they do not pay attention to us, they think it’s your grandfather’s war stories. According to Seguí, “maybe we should go out to demand rights instead of being revolutionaries on the couch, building a community from Twitter or memes. Look, they came out in France to fight so that the retirement age wouldn’t go up to 64, and we’re 67 years old without saying anything. In Boomers, the characters feel “temporarily stateless” because they’re no longer the target of their city. “You seem out of the market, yes. You’re young for a short period of time, that quickly ends, and how society, with the cult of innovation, later forgets everything you learned in your mature years.” It escapes me that they want you to work until you are 70, but that at 50 no one loves you anymore,” Seguí complains.

It doesn’t happen to the writer, like many boomers who hope to retire soon, because for him his profession is his hobby. “But you want to reduce the pressure on you because of the pace of orders. However, many people suffer from insecurity and want to arrive at a good port and calm down as soon as possible. We may still retire, but my daughter has assumed that her generation, who went through two crises and then the pandemic, would not survive.

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