New comic by Russian dissident Victoria Lomasko presented in Alicante

“I left my country first of all because I am against the war against Ukraine and I do not want to have anything to do with the aggressor state. putin He claims that he is waging war on behalf of all Russians, but certainly not everyone supports him. The guilty dictator must be separated from his people. In general, Russians today feel oppressed and humiliated. Who can claim to be heroes?

Who is talking opposition artist and activist Russian Victoria Lomasko (Sepukhov, Russia, 1978), fled his country and now Germanywas accepted on a scholarship by a foundation until their refugee situation was resolved. Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, Lomasko fled Russia due to retroactive and restrictive laws. putin for implanted stop any opposition to armed conflict. He fled to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and flew to Brussels, where he stayed. Caught between the hostility of European institutions against everything from Russia and the impossibility of returning to his country due to the lack of freedom and security of those who opposed Putin until he later went to Germany.

he won’t be there This Thursday in AlicanteHowever his new booka newspaper comic the last soviet artist (Godall, 2022), to be presented 80 Worlds bookstore from Alicante at 19:00 by editor, matilde martinezpoet and journalist Isabella Navarro and university professors and Unicómic members Maria Samper And Jose Rovira Collado.

Inside Soviet artistLomasco graphically reports some former Soviet republics In the trips made between 2014-2017 and the second part, Underground struggle of dissidents in Russia and Belarus during the pandemic years.

An image from Victoria Lomasko’s book GOD

Through drawings and texts, Lomasko documents The secret life of the LGTBI community in Kyrgyzstan; the religious violence in Georgia; the female genital mutilation in Dagestan; isolated life Russian minorities in Kyrgyzstan; the case in Moscow against his rival Navalny; or difficult repression of protesters who opposed the Lukashenko regime in Minsk, of which he was a direct witness. At the same time burnout and the artist’s doubts as a witness today and his desire to create a less political work.

In front of one of the Victoria Lomasko murals GOD

Author of a cult book Other Russias (Godall, 2020) his new work, which was published in more than ten languages ​​but never published in his own country, and was accepted by the British newspaper The Guardian in 2021 as one of the five books necessary for understanding contemporary Russia, the last soviet artistit happened Awarded at the Angouleme International Comics Festival With the Artistic Courage award. In addition to graphical reports, Lamasko has seen itself in recent years. large historical themed muralswith footage of the latest episodes The last Soviet artist.

the last soviet artist is he portrait of living and fighting people countries and regions suffering major political changes and it is also the history of an artist who reflects on art in light of an increasingly difficult reality and a desire to evolve towards a more subjective style,” says editor Matilde Martínez.

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