“Sometimes flamenco is more valuable outside of Spain than in our own country”

Despite its high-flying name, Blanca Paloma is very down to earth. artist from Elche short distance conquest and it breaks with the misattributed image of seriousness. overwhelming closeness and sweetness.

The singer appears at Benidorm Fest defending a lullaby—yes, you read that right, a lullaby—that justifies the role of our land’s roots, family, heritage, and deepest culture.

But eea This is not just a flamenco theme, This is a cry of love for oneself. and against others. this is the way to sound a gift passed down through generations and it cannot be explained in words. Maybe that’s why the title of the song is an expression that can represent anything, even if it doesn’t actually mean anything.

Blanca Paloma’s proposal that had little or nothing to do with the song she submitted last year an invitation to explore the artist’s privacyripping your shirt off and channeling is bold and risky, and no one can say it wasn’t sincere or marketing.

Young woman from Elche joins to talk about INFORMATION in her hotel room. Benidorm Festivalalso about your future projectsover the role of the flamingo About Eurovision and whether we’ll see him again at the music competition.

What about the first days in Benidorm, is it long to wait until the semi-finals?

I already know him because I’ve been here with my family since I was little. On the first day, I wandered the whole beach. But it’s funny, the days go by quickly because there’s always work to do, but on the other hand, I feel like I’ve been waiting for the semi-finals here for a month. You feel like time has stopped.

How did you see the first semi-final? Did the result surprise you?

Sounds to me like the sound is very high quality, just like the staging, it’s very close. After all, I’m surprised Sharonne wasn’t there. It is an offer that I liked the song, I was very surprised how it looked on TV, I thought it was very stylish, very beautiful. But it’s true that there is a lot of quality and you always have colleagues, I also loved Sofía Martín, but after all, that’s what competitions have.

Are you satisfied with your staging?

Yes very. I have the same team as last year, I have a team of people who work on stages, theaters and also in production like me.

What can you tell us?

Well, this year I wanted all the staging to have a theatrical feel and to be very cinematographic at the same time, which is what I identify with. After seeing my colleagues, I said “it’s unique” and that’s interesting because the more diverse the offerings, the better. So people have more to choose from.

[Blanca Paloma se emociona cuando habla de su familia y lo que para ella representa. Pero no es la emoción de quien recuerda con añoranza, sino el orgullo de quien mira hacia el futuro. La ilicitana está orgullosa de sus raíces, de su gente, y quiere que todo el mundo lo sepa.

La artista, al teclado en su habitación durante el Benidorm Fest. David Revenga

Una energía que se refleja a la perfección en Eaea, un “canto de sirena” -según la propia artista- cuyo objetivo es atrapar, convencer. Blanca Paloma quiere que todo el mundo sienta, al menos una vez, lo que la música y la familia representan para ella.]

There’s a lot of talk at this festival about what is and isn’t a song that is considered canonical to succeed at Eurovision. Do you think proposals like yours or Alice Wonder’s need to contribute one point more than others to have options? Is there a Eurovisive “prototype”?

I think so too, but it’s being dismantled, the prototype is reviewed every year and that’s what matters. Otherwise, I think we will not be able to move forward since this festival started. In 1983, we introduced an incomprehensible flamenco proposal. I believe that Europe is not prepared for Remedios Amaya and Oh, who drives my boat. Maybe it’s more obvious now or other contemporary artists were able to pave the way for bulería compás so that such a proposal could arouse more interest in the country itself. I think the flamenco outside is something exotic that we don’t value very much here and don’t use it at Eurovision.

What does that mean eea for you?

Everything. I want to continue and convey to people a legacy I received from my grandmother and my Andalusian family. It’s an honor.

Blanca Paloma combs her hair in her hotel room bathroom. david revenge

How does being a “repeater” affect you? Does knowing the format help you or does it hurt to lose the “newness”?

Certainly because people have labeled me with last year’s whiteness, I think the job of this edition has been to destroy plans. I am presenting a song that is more rooted, more compatible with my voice and with which I feel very identical.

What is the strength of your song?

In this, people do not know what a lullaby is, because it is not a normal lullaby. But it has a mantra, like a siren song, that wants to enthrall you, to trap you. Like this eea there are lots of “come with me, join me”. After that water secret I wanted to have a chorus where people from the audience could easily get involved. There are shots where the audience will come out and I want everyone to be there, their hands going into a “trance” eea.

What future plans do you have? Can you introduce yourself for the third time?

You never know, it’s not up to me, it’s up to the songs. If there is a topic that I will say “This is for Eurovision”, I will still introduce myself. But maybe I’m tired or I’m releasing my dream album. There is life beyond Benidorm Festival. Since the 2022 festival my obsession has been to have my own repertoire and the truth is that I am very happy to close the disco project. I really want this.

Source: Informacion


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