Sadness over Nureddin Al Attab’s death: “It was a terrible tragedy; it was life, kindness and smiles”

Noureddine El Attab’s life has not been easy, but in her 39 years of life, she has had time to fulfill all her dreams except directing a film, a project that she fell in love with and was interrupted by her death this Saturday in Castelló. His ship went overboard and suffered from severe hypothermia from which he could not recover. His friends and family are devastated. His wife Marta will accompany the funeral. actor when sent back to Morocco As the case is under judicial review, it will be followed by other relatives after the Civil Guard performs the relevant autopsy.

Noureddine El Attab was born in Morocco, but packed her bags to emigrate at a very young age and build a future in the acting world. “He didn’t come to Spain to eat, he had a very clear purpose. I wanted to do theater and cinema. He started at the bottom, but busted his ass until he got it.”, recalls his best friend Hamid Krim, with whom he also acted in TV series such as ‘El Príncipe’ or ‘La Unidad’.

Horrified by the news of his death, Hamid Krim arrived in Castelló this Saturday “to be as close to Nureddine as possible” after learning of his death: “It’s a terrible tragedy. He was 39 but looked like he was 20. Noureddine’s colleague and friend describes him as follows: “It was life. He was always with a smile. He’s the kind of person who walks into a bar and within an hour the world recognizes him with his sympathy and kindness.”

Noureddine El Attab participated in serials such as ‘El Príncipe’ or ‘La que se avecina’. DEKAR ACTORS

a self-taught teacher

The late actor, born in Morocco but residing in Castellón, where he has raised a family for 15 years and has a son, is also ” passion for teaching the little ones. For him, the interpretation was that children need to open up to the world and make their voices. There was still a child inside him and so he understood them very well.” In fact, Noureddine was an acting teacher at numerous schools and institutes in the state and ran her own acting school, Alma Theatrical.

El Attab, who has acted in numerous plays, movies and TV series such as ‘El Príncipe’, ‘La que se avecina’ or ‘Cuéntame’, speaks Arabic, native language, Spanish and French. He was also in love with music and rose to prominence as a singer and violinist. As if that wasn’t enough, he also came to the fore as a clown and said “very popular in the audio-visual world. Wherever he went, he left his friends.Confirmed Hamid.

Noureddine’s best friend refrains from adjectives when it comes to reminding her: “He was a great guy, a great person, an activist for the rights of the actors collective and very involved in various social causes. A few weeks ago we were shooting ‘Mano de hierro’ with Eduard Fernández. I still can’t believe you’re gone. I’m not letting in”.

Like many other immigrants, Noureddine came to Spain without documents, but her good work on stage soon brought her success: “I met her on the set of ‘El Príncipe’ and I remember her telling me on the first day. She has a lot of experience in theater but has never been on camera. I told him not to think about the camera and He nailed it from the very first scene. He was the perfect actor, born for it. I always wanted more. Now I wanted to direct a movie, and I set out to do it.”

The actor who died this weekend was “very integrated into Castellón”. Even after this sad news, many messages of love and support poured in from the district to their loved ones. “People loved him because he loved people. If you knew him, it was impossible not to love him. He was very generous in his feelings and had a lot of love to give.” Rest in peace.

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