Karina Cross, “Mask. Dance” 10:15

In the tenth edition of the show “Mask. Dancing ”It turned out to be in the image of a frog was hiding singer and blogger Karina Cross. Initially, the judges assumed that the figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva or singer Svetlana Svetikova wore the costume. According to Cross, she liked to compare with Medvedeva, but she does not know Svetikova. The commentary of the participant of “socialbites.ca” was provided by the STS channel.

“For some reason I was compared to Zhenya Medvedeva. In principle, I like this comparison because she is a very talented skater and a nice girl. But Maria Gorban constantly said about me: “This is definitely Sveta Svetikova.” Unfortunately I don’t know who it is, so such a comparison offended me. In general, there were quite a lot of conjectures, but they were all far from reality, ”said Cross.

After the episode was filmed, the participant could not hold back her feelings, as she did not want to leave the project. He noted that in addition to the main runs, he performed difficult tricks, put his soul into them and rehearsed at home at night.

“I just cried because I put a lot of effort and work on this project. It was very disappointing that I had to leave the show,” Cross admitted.

In the project “Mask. Dance” 14 stars participate, and the five judges try to guess who is hiding inside the costumes with the help of clues. After the performances, the audience selects the candidates for elimination. At the end of each issue, one star is registered by the jury, and the second by the jury. The remaining member reveals his identity and leaves the project.

Source: Gazeta


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