Katya Kishchuk, ex-soloist of Serebro band, leaves American rapper Slowthai 12:00

Singer Katya Kishchuk talked about breaking up with her boyfriend. writes about it Flow.

The former vocalist of the Serebro group met with the American rapper Slowthai and gave birth to a child from him. However, the couple decided to separate. “I wish Ty incredible happiness, find yourself a cool partner and everything will be fine. Because I want my son to see a happy father, ”said Kishchuk.

The actress said she was abused in a relationship. According to her, her ex-boyfriend used negligence (a kind of psychological violence in which a person clearly shows disrespect for the feelings and needs of a partner – about “socialbites.ca”).

“I lived in another country for two years without a chance to make family and friends. I didn’t go out and stayed at home. I don’t know what else to say. In general, be careful, ”said Kishchuk.

Source: Gazeta


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