Fernando Tejero: “I fear the atrocities being said about the rights of others”

Considering it’s been a “very strong” year for Spanish cinema and “hard to pull back”, the new Goya Award nomination, this time as a supporting actor and for a dramatic character, is an award in itself for Fernando Tejero. List of nominees”, but also because Alberto Rodríguez’s film Modelo 77 put him under the command of a director with whom the Cordovan actor had long wanted to work with and gave him a (real) character. This nomination is the culmination of a busy year for the actor, who has made five films and is awaiting the premiere of Mariano Barroso’s Últimas volunteers; Wild Wolf by Gustavo Hernández; and Málaga’. and La fortaleza, written by Chiqui Carabante while filming the Amazon Prime series Los Farah.

Again Goya is on the candidate list. What does this mean to you? How does it feel to be back in the Spanish film awards race?

I am so happy. I’ve been nominated for a comedy before, as I was nominated for a dramatic character in the first place. This time for a great movie like the Model 77. On the other hand, it’s been a very strong year in cinema, with very good movies and work, so it was very difficult to infiltrate the nominations. I can say that being nominated this year is an award for me.

Alberto Rodríguez has once again made a great film that has won at least 16 awards. How did you feel when you were at your disposal? Did you want to work with him?

Alberto was one of the directors I really wanted to work with. One of the best on the national scene for me. I had already told him about this desire and he told me that the day would come. It finally arrived and it was great. He is a very special director, the result of his films is not a coincidence, the genius of his work and the great films he makes are due to his directing style, where he knows what he wants and how he wants it. He also knows very well how to guide you.

A film about a real event that took place in the Modelo prison in Barcelona in 1977. Did you know the story? Is it documented?

I documented it. I knew that this prison was there, that it had been closed for a long time, that Puig Antich’s tomb was there, and that famous prisoners like El Vaquilla passed by, but I didn’t remember everything that happened there. Transition. The prisoners’ struggle for forgiveness. Alberto recommended that we read a few books, especially written by a person who lived there at the time.

Do you think it is necessary to remember these stories from our recent past?

Of course, especially for the young people, those who have not experienced the dictatorship and the Transition… It is necessary to inform and see evolution. Prisoners now have more rights and are treated differently, but this is important because of what happens outside, not just inside the prison. We should not forget that in this country, it is important to know where we came from and where we are going, and we have experienced that events that upset us so much will never happen to us again. Especially now, at a time when there are speeches that make no sense in a democratic country. I am afraid of the atrocities being said about other people’s rights. That’s why it’s so important that documentaries, movies are made, that it reminds me of that Spain, that scene, that I don’t want it to be repeated for the world.

How did it feel to shoot at La Modelo at the crime scene?

Curiously I thought it was a beautiful building, it looks like a cultural center and could be visited until recently. But it’s true that shooting in those corridors is a little cramped and claustrophobic, especially when you consider that there are people who live there and some of them spend almost their entire lives. Even if you try to put yourself in those prisoners’ shoes, you will never be able to feel what they feel. I’m getting goosebumps. One of the best things that happened to us with this movie is being able to tell the story from the real environment and knowing that everything that is scary is there, where we step, and that’s what makes up the story. special. and feel special.

It’s a multi-choir movie with characters. How did you deal with yours, also is it real?

I didn’t want to know too much about the character. Alberto showed me a photograph of El Marbella, that’s the name, but I didn’t want to go any further than it was written in the script. Sometimes he doubted that a prisoner with that power would want to get out of the prison where such a prisoner had made a life for himself. What kind of life awaited him outside? Inside he has an illegal job, of course, where he supports his family. The character was very specific and between the script, the offer I received, and Alberto’s instructions, it was a complex but beautiful process.

25% of Goya candidates have the Andalusian stamp. It seems that cinema in the world is very healthy.

Definitely. This is a great happiness and it shows that we have a very talented country. More and more nominations are received each year, and while I’ve never been skeptical of Andalusian cinema, it’s true that there have always been certain prejudices against the South. And it happened to us in many fields, not just in cinema. It is also a fact that the film industry in Andalusia has grown tremendously, more and more talented people are coming to the fore and there are more opportunities.

Very soon we will see him as the protagonist of Joaquín Carmona Hidalgo’s first feature film, ‘Last Wills’. Whose skin is it getting this time?

Again with a man who has been in prison for 20 years, leaving his newborn son outside when he comes in, and with whom he hasn’t communicated in all these years. The son is practically unaware of her existence and gets involved in odd jobs, but when he gets out of prison, his dream is to meet him again. And he steals again to save his son.

As you said, he is a character that has been created for you, who has pierced old wounds and traumas. Was it difficult?

Yes, because he’s undercover, married to a woman because he doesn’t admit his homosexuality, and in a way, he’s also a man related to me. I also experienced social rejection, homophobia, and hiding because you didn’t show yourself as you are for fear of accusing fingers. And this time the character touched me in a very special way, but beautiful and very different from what people are used to seeing me. I think the movie will have a long journey and will give a lot to talk about.

Are you having trouble staying away from comedy?

Definitely. I’m currently shooting a series called Los Farad with Mariano Barroso in Malaga. This series is also a drama and revolves around an arms dealer family that existed in Marbella in the eighties, and that’s a big commitment from Amazon. When I have a good script and a good character in front of me, I think it’s easier to do drama, less difficult for me.

Are you satisfied with changing the record?

Of course, I have been fighting for this for many years. If you’re promoting yourself with something in this country, with something as powerful and media-related as the two shows I’ve done in my case, it’s hard to get out of the pigeonhole.

Indeed, he has been making people laugh for over two decades, with television personalities like Emilio and Fermín perhaps eclipsing the rest of his work. Do you love them or do you hate them?

Hate them, never. But sometimes it bothers you that you forget that I have made and acted in 40 movies… It is crazy that most people know you only with these two characters, and that even the press always mentions me with those TV shows when announcing the cast of a movie. and there’s another Goya, a Biznaga from Málaga… My career is just There is no one living here or La que se avencina and that makes me sad.

They aired the new season of ‘La que se avecina’ on a new set and without José Luis Gil, the only actor who has been in both series from the beginning and without interruption. Can you change the dynamics of the array? Is this a risk?

Fortunately, José Luis is improving and his progress is very good. He’s a great guy and a key character, but it’s a series that’s been successful for many years, going through a lot of characters. The absence of this legendary character may have affected, but I think people are looking for the essence of the series and the new season is going very well.

She shares the lead role of the series with another Cordovan, Macarena Gómez, who is now in production. Do you see yourself in another field of cinema?

I would like to direct one day and I see myself doing it. But I’m still having a hard time facing that job.

When will we see him again on a theater stage?

I need to balance the dates but my intention is to go back to the theater this year because that’s what I love the most.

Is it more difficult to interpret on stage than to interpret in front of the camera?

This is different. Theater gives you something momentary, a leap into the void. On the other hand, there is one thing I love about theater, like life itself, you have the chance to develop your character day by day, and that’s great. In addition, for two hours every day you stop being you.

He passed through the Gran Teatro de Córdoba with some performances. How does it feel to be on the stage of a theater that you entered with your feet dangling from the chicken coop as a child?

Go figure. When I first performed at the Gran Teatro, I cried so much, it was exciting and wonderful, I dreamed of being there. It was a dream to fly from the chicken coop to the stage and do something as wonderful as I’ve seen in those people.

Are you returning to Córdoba for Christmas? Do you like to return to the house of your aunt Encarna, where you lived your childhood?

I always go back. I spend Christmas Eve with my family, it’s like a religion and I like it.

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