3,000 records every 24 hours: Eugenio’s formula to get rich with records you leave in the garage

I wish it was yellow. And with the triangle shaped sticker. Each side would have six songs. Island, singles. In B, the acoustic ones. This contrast has always caught my attention: recordings that start at breakneck speed and end in a vein in a rag. The cover will be matte, supplemented by a picture of multi-colored strokes. Not surprisingly, the name of my first album defamation. Letters will be screen printed. And as soon as we walked in, a cardboard box was opened to show the credits that those who loved the physical support were eagerly reviewing. On the other hand, he would use the script as a story: there he would tell the origin of each theme. Who doesn’t want to know the details they hide?

The artistic step would be something other than the one signing these words. And to imagine it would include a duet with Andrea Corr. Maybe a candid version of his popular song. Summer sun. 500 copies were to be made, (who knows) a limited number that may become a cult object in the future. The fantasy has already been thought out, so all that remains is to make it a reality. The first record of my career (which I invented) would be ready in 10 weeks.

Mad Vinyl started its journey in 2020 when Eugenio López and Michael Robinson founded the company. ALBA VIGARAY

“Now everyone wants theirs,” says Eugenio López. is joint owner Mad Vinyl, small factory located in Algete (Madrid). It is the third (along with Press Play Vinyl in Vizcaya and Krakatoa Records in Castellón) to open in Spain following the format’s announced demise. It has been operating at full capacity since December 2020. This suggests that the record is experiencing a second youth. The data supports this: It surpassed CD for the first time in 31 years.. For example, they already represent 54% compared to 44% in our country. In the first six months of 2022, demand increased by 25.6% to 13.6 million euros, as reported by Promusicae. Like this It distributed 140,000 copies in 2013 and sold 1,624,000 copies in 2021..

But still a marginal boom: 81% of revenue streaming When around 50 million CDs were sold in Spain in 1999. However, it is showing some recovery in an industry that has been particularly affected in the last decade. Reasons for this resurgence include the rise of collecting, physical experience, reprints of popular icons, and devotion to titans such as Taylor Swift, ABBA, C. Tangana, and Rosalía.

Eugenio enthusiastically accepts the offer. There are no big or small names for him, but good compositions. Therefore, the skin is left to give them the best possible support. Vinyl is the most handmade of all, so just having machines is not enough. “I’ve had a very direct relationship with them since I was little, and that has increased my commitment,” she says. He’s surrounded by the latest projects he’s gotten his hands on: Marlango, Robe, Mónica Naranjo, Zahara and Guitarricadelafuente adding warmth to a place that’s always on the move.

The ship has 400 square meters of which a large percentage is filled with boxes.. They are orders to be delivered in a short time, which means that the 24 hours they work daily are rarely available. “It’s easy to get to new music today, but when I was younger, the only option was to go to the disco. I remember walking into the club when my friends went to the party. DJ“Remembers the specialist, who started playing for Pachá Madrid at the age of 15. The appearance of the CD in the 80s turned everything upside down.

Step 1 | Send the audio on a qualifying host to record it on an acetate disc. ALBA VIGARAY

“Many albums have been discontinued in this format. I’m sure the record died not because it was publicly rejected, but because production stopped,” he says. He accidentally discovered in 2006 that There has been no workshop in Spain since 1997, when the giant Iberophone shuts down. He couldn’t believe it and started researching. He studied the infrastructure, studied evolution, talked to the engineers… He even wanted to buy another part but never completed the operation. Most of them were scraps, which did not allow him to start his own business in any case. This came mainly from the United States, where stocks were disposed of almost instantly as soon as the state of the industry changed.

In contrast, Germany and the Czech Republic kept them almost intact thanks to various state subsidies. This explains why both regions lead global turnover, thanks to their monopoly on original works and their knowledge of putting them into operation. At the moment, they have succeeded in producing new equipment already adapted to the digital needs prevailing in the market. The base price exceeds 250,000 euros.

Step 2 | Heat up to 140 degrees so that the stickers to be adhered on the plate do not loosen. ALBA VIGARAY

Time passed before I learned in 2014 that new advances were being made in Sweden. “They went back to marketing spare parts by anticipating what was going to happen,” he notes. By that time the UK was already attracting attention. So he started preparing everything: financing, investments, connections… Thanks to a friend he met. michael robinsonBesides being a legendary football player, he was also a music lover. He liked the idea and they acquired the company on March 2, 2020. On the 11th, they imprisoned us. But that didn’t stop them either.

The first record came to light on November 20: “At first, we were coming on weekends to pick up the machines. We thought ours would be a small company: we were satisfied with 300 LPs a month.” Far from that thought, today they produce up to 3,000 units in 24 hours. And not just rock as they thought it would be: Pop, flamenco, reggaeton, indie, electronic bands have passed through their facilities… And its clients are both local and multinational artists.

Step 3 | Metallic patterns are introduced into the machine and polyvinyl chloride ‘seeds’ begin to be heated. ALBA VIGARAY


In my case, it would have belonged to the first category: musicians who wanted to release their songs on vinyl, which they would later sell at their concerts. In these cases, the runs are usually shorter, but also the most daring. “There are those who make original works of art. They have a well-defined concept of what they want, with the details that make them unique. Very few are looking for the base model lately. They want to give physics the value it deserves,” he adds. The first step to achieve this is to send the audio in a qualified master. After reviewing this, it was recorded on a metal wheel with an acetate layer: “A reverse speaker is used in conjunction with two repulsive magnets. two arms that move with the vibration of sound. In this way a ditch is dug that leaves the melody recorded”.

So the key is to trace this rift. This piece is known as varnish and it is obtained from stamps to be used to repeat duplicates. Let’s say Eugenio already has mine, but it will be necessary to have the art to move on to the next level. At least with core tags.

Step 4 | A screw heats the material forming a plastic ‘ball’ to be pressed. ALBA VIGARAY

“They are special because they do not have glue. They stick with pressure and heat. Therefore, they must be put in a 140-degree oven before being placed, which happens as soon as the disc is pressed”, the expert continues. The normal thing is that they take blankets and covers with them. This is a service provided by Mad Vinyl in collaboration with a printer. However, the customer can choose other routes and send the result to the factory. Then the prepared motherboards are included in the device and start working. heat up seeds polyvinyl chloride. These can be any tone: blue, red, green, pink, white and orange are some of the most requested. Just like the yellow that will be ours defamation.

“A screw heats it up to form a ball, which is crushed by the molds placed after three seconds. we add steam at 200 degrees for better marking of the grooves and the stickers won’t come out.” Here’s the trick to getting the best possible sound quality. Otherwise, just like dirt and dust, the pen may splatter and interrupt playback.

Step 5 | Steam is added at 200 degrees for better marking of the grooves when pressing the record. ALBA VIGARAY

(Controversial) CASE OF ADELE

It will be sufficient to simply cut the edge to remove the excess. When the process is finished, the discs are stacked on a coil so that they cool and can be covered in the corresponding cover. “There is the possibility of laminating before it is shipped. In total, the procedure takes 25 seconds. It’s a very short time compared to the time it takes to get the materials,” says Eugenio. Our hypothetical order figure of 2,300 euros.

On average, it takes 10 weeks to complete it today. A period that is far from the 21 days they need in the beginning. But today it’s about nine months that other factories give. What explains this difference? With lack of ingredients: “We had a shortage of plastic and cardboard. That’s why we store more to avoid being affected.” The biggest break came with the release of Adele in 2021, crashing the industry worldwide. 30: 500,000 copies printed, supplies ruined and many plans left behind stand by. Among them is Ed Sheeran’s. “We had to figure it out to find a loophole,” the singer said on Twitter.

Step 6 | After letting them cool on the coil, it’s time to holster and place them in their holsters.

Likewise this blockage is due to reissues: majors They are restarting their catalog in Cascoporro. Therefore, it is not unusual to find antiquities by Rocío Jurado, Raphael, Julio Iglesias or Cecilia in this format. Added to dates like Record Store Day or Black Friday complicates production. Thus, many groups make bobbin laces to seep into the chain. Even Adele hurt Then: the record company forced him to finish his fourth songbook six months early in order to avoid supply problems and to meet the release day.

In the case of defamationWe would have a backup. In two and a half months, it would be available. It is true that the circulation will be far from the 12,000 copies published in the magazine. ground wire de Vetusta Morla, but dedication and care would probably be the same. It’s part of the vinyl magic. It doesn’t just fit the music, it also contains that special energy that connects the public a little more to the artist. This first-fictional-yellow-disc-screen-printed-letter-very-popular-although it broke someone’s heart, it will remain in this report.

Step 7 | Finally, they can be laminated. While this is optional: there are artists who prefer to wrap them on their own. ALBA VIGARAY

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