A life dedicated to fostering a passion for books in Cocentaina

this librariesand those that are more of a public nature have the capacity to be. cultural resources that transfer strong to the population. And even more, if they have committed people who are aware of the role they can play getting that message and organized to do everything in his power for it. residents Cocentainalikes some extensive and well-equipped reading facilities and all the events held there. And he also knew how to value her. Ministry of National Education, Culture and SportsWhat Award given to the career of Dolors Insa Ribelles, director of the Pare Arques Municipal Library from the county town.

Award given by For the first time this year as part of the Valencià Book Day celebrationsas a new category; The library of Onda’s town of Castellón is also well known. For their activities to promote reading. In the case of Dolors Insa and for his role in charge of the Cocentaina cultural facility, the Ministry received his award. “valuable contribution to the research and dissemination of children’s and youth literature”, according to the section. But there is more to it than that; about 40 years of professional practice award that fosters a passion for books and therefore for culturethrough all kinds of activities and to ensure that we have dependencies according to needs.

First visit to the Cocentaina library surprised by the size and equipment of the facilitiesIn a population of 11,500 inhabitants, it is much higher than would be expected a priori. Rooms with different volumes for younger children and older ones a complete stay with bibliographic works of literature or essays and consultation for the adult publiclarge spaces for quiet reading and study, rooms for meetings or group research, media library… A large and complete building, including the Municipal Archives. Heir to the small building where the first reading and lending room was set up on Passeig del Comtat.

Insa remembers this, back then “there were almost no books”but i thought “People wouldn’t come to the library if I didn’t do something”. Therefore, “I have been studying animation since the beginning; The first activity was to reverse the classics.he explains. Moreover, “It was clear to me that I had to work with schools”, as a way to encourage the habit of books from an early age, and so since then each course has had multiple sessions with each of the local schools. And with them He worked on different themes; “For example, look at the different types of families featured in children’s stories”.

Event sponsored by Dolors Insa Also left the library facilitiesa. “We were pioneers in the beginning” library pool‘, thus taking summer reading into a place of leisure. lending books to rural schools, so their students can access a volume offering they don’t have in their town’s meager reading agencies. The most obvious example of this is “Bibliobicicleta” developed in collaboration with grouped rural school (CRA) Mariola-Benicadellinvolving school children Alfafara, Agres and Gaianes. In it, books reach towns on two wheels, creating great expectations.

Insa comments: “you should look for reference niches”and in their case they chose to specialize above all else children’s and youth literature. However, without neglecting adult folkwith activities such as The book club he said he was “very proud of”. The librarian explains enthusiastically how this venture came to be. contributed to the development of the habit of books “especially in women”., some of them barely knew how to read beforehand. Also participates educational activities for adults about readingas well as conducting workshops for parents: “If you want books to be appreciated in your home, you should start by distributing, sharing, and enjoying reading while your children are young.”specifies.

library manager Transfer your passion for reading to others describe all dissemination initiatives it undertakes. In addition to the aforementioned, participation a local radio show to “recommend books for children, teenagers and adults”. Also, in recent years digital educationwith courses Tools for performing adequate bibliographic documentation via the Internetespecially useful for classes researchers.

Showing Insa very grateful for the award of the Generalitat. “My work already gives me great satisfaction, the fact that the authorities recognize this work is the icing on the cake”almost joking with excitement. “I do what I do to do well; I believe I have a social commitment, that’s what I believed from the very beginning”. And that’s why he plans to continue this mission. “I have to retire next March, but I continue to work the same, all programming is already until next year”provides.

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