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Serbia predicts food crisis for Europe after energy crisis


Russia will not sell gas or oil to countries that impose price restrictions. This idea is the cartel arrangement of the Western states. This was stated in the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, reports Russian State Television.

Hungarian Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kever believes that the EU can be seen as the losing party in the conflict in Ukraine, as the EU acts against its own economic interests.

In France, they plan to shorten the lighting time of the Eiffel Tower to save light. For the same reason, the Pailleron, the most visited pool in Paris, was closed.

In addition, according to the Financial Times, the French authorities mistakenly sold electricity for 60 million euros and are now asking the UK and Spain to supply as much electricity as possible.

The situation in Germany is not better. According to President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the crisis could increase the number of homeless people in the country and make it harder for apartment seekers to find an affordable place to live.

“Obviously, after the energy crisis comes the food crisis. As soon as you limit the prices, there is a shortage of this product, it is the speculation of the traders and you can never prevent it. After the energy war comes the food war. “The events in Ukraine are only fueling the energy and financial crises,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Source: Gazeta



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