Spiegel columnist urges Germany to launch Nord Stream 2 “in spite of Putin”

Journalist Nikolaus Blom in a newspaper article Der Spiegel He urged the German government to launch Nord Stream 2. According to the observer, the rejection of the Russian pipeline causes problems for Berlin, and its launch, on the contrary, will “destroy Putin’s plans”.

According to the logic of the author, Germany’s aim is to phase out Russian gas, and it will be difficult for the country to approach implementation if one of the pipelines is closed and there is not enough raw material from the other route.

“If the rejection of Nord Stream 2 precipitated the complete cessation of imports of Russian raw materials. But this is not so, ”the journalist writes.

According to Blom, the opening of a second gas supply channel will reduce social pressure in the country and eliminate the dependence of the German energy complex on a single pipeline.

Former German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declarationThat Russia should stop using “deceptive” arguments and take away the Siemens turbine needed for the operation of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

Source: Gazeta


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