Finnish Trade Minister Skinnari: The high-speed train project in the direction of the Russian Federation should be stopped

Finnish Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, Ville Skinnari, suggested that the government halt the construction project of a high-speed rail line (HSR) in the direction of Russia due to a special operation in Ukraine. This has been reported DEA News”.

According to him, it is clear that the Itärata project and the activities of the project company should be suspended.
The minister claims that the funds allocated for the project should be diverted to the construction of a rail link in other directions.

Previously in the government of the Kaliningrad region declarationThe only imitation of the implementation of the decisions of the Lithuanian authorities on the railway transport of Russian goods by the European Commission.

The Kaliningrad authorities are waiting for special documents from Lithuania with explanations on payment for the transit of goods through the territory of the country and the resumption of transit in normal mode.

Before that, the commercial Siauliai Bank, from which payment was made for the transition to Kaliningrad, declarationIt announced that from September 1, against the background of EU sanctions against the Russian Federation, it will cease all operations with Russian customers.

Source: Gazeta


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