Izvestia: Ministry of Economic Development cuts its annual inflation forecast in Russia to below 14%

The newspaper reported that the Ministry of Economic Development lowered its annual inflation forecast in Russia to below 14%. “News” By citing a source in the chapter.

The new forecast shows inflation much lower than the agency’s 17.5% May forecast. Price increase in Russia is now expected to be below 14% by 2022.

Analysts surveyed by the publication confirmed the agency’s information, estimating the annual inflation rate at 13.8%.

“The real risk is stockpiles in the face of logistical problems and limited opportunities for replenishment. The situation can be particularly difficult if, with a shortage of certain goods, the propensity of the population to save is reduced. “Furthermore, the risk of a decline in demand and oil prices and a consequent weakening of the ruble remains,” said Natalya Vashchelyuk, chief analyst at Sovcombank.

Formerly Rosstat still second consecutive month of deflation.

Source: Gazeta


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