The Telegraph: Conflict between US and China over Taiwan will be a global economic nightmare

A military conflict between the US and China over control of Taiwan will turn into an “economic and military nightmare” for the entire world. commentator thinks so Telegram Roger Bootle.

The author of the article is confident that the escalating crisis in Taiwan due to the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taipei will not subside once she returns to the USA.

According to Bootle, the situation around the island will have dire consequences that risk going far beyond the economy.

“If it escalates into a war involving the United States, the consequences will be devastating,” he said.

The Observer emphasizes that Taiwan, although a small region, plays an important role in the global economy, as it produces a significant part of the microchips necessary for the functioning of a modern high-tech economy. He also reminded that China accounts for 15 percent of world goods exports.

The columnist believes the Taiwan crisis will cut global supply chains against the backdrop of current problems that have accumulated due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine conflict.

Formerly Nancy Pelosi, USA won’t let China will “isolate Taiwan”. At the same time, he stressed that Washington still maintains the status quo in the situation with Taiwan.

Source: Gazeta


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