Vedomosti: EU countries increased coal imports from Russia before embargo

European Union (EU) countries have increased their coal imports in anticipation of an embargo on their supplies from Russia, which will come into effect on 10 August. In the March-May period, the European Union bought 28% more coal compared to the same period last year.

by publication vedomostiAccording to UN Comtrade data, shipments amounted to 29.4 Mt. In monetary terms, deliveries in March-May increased 3.9 times to $9.3 billion. The average price was $317/ton compared to $105/ton in March-May 2021.

Coal was mainly imported by Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Most of the ingredients, 31%, were from Russia.

On 10 August, an embargo was imposed on coal imports from Russia.

As part of the fifth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, an embargo on Russian coal supplies to the EU was introduced.

“The sanctions package includes a ban on purchasing, importing or transferring coal and other solid fossil fuels to or from Russia from August 2022,” the EU document says.

Former Minister of Economy of Poland Janusz Steinhoff said earlier that the country is facing problems with heating the houses due to the embargo on Russian coal in the coming winter, RIA Novosti reported. He also drew attention to the possibility of resource shortages due to the length of transportation by sea.

Before that, the Financial Times WroteHe stated that the European Union reduced its thermal coal imports from Russia by 48% compared to May, in anticipation of a complete ban on Russian purchases.

Source: Gazeta


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