Italy found a way to replace Russian fuel

Energy conglomerate (GC) Maire Tecnimont will reduce Italy’s dependence on Russian fuel by producing gas from recycled waste. About Wrote The Bloomberg agency cited a statement made by Alessandro Bernini, managing director of the Group of Companies.

Maire Tecnimont develops technology to extract carbon and hydrogen from landfill waste to produce environmentally friendly chemicals and fuels. In Italy, 16 million tons of non-recyclable waste are dumped in landfills every year.

“To reduce dependence on foreign energy sources, we can process them and turn them into synthetic gas… With 10 factories that can process 600,000 tons per year, these power plants can produce 10% of domestic heating and electricity needs in five years. in Italy as a whole,” says Bernini.

After February 24, Rome took on the task of reducing the country’s dependence on Russian gas as soon as possible. Italy began to sign supply agreements from Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, the Republic of the Congo and a number of other countries.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the end of June declarationHe said the country has cut Russian gas supplies from 40% to 25% of total imports.

Source: Gazeta


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