RBC: 97% of Russian small businesses refuse to switch to a new tax regime

Representatives of most Russian micro-business firms said they will not switch to a new special tax regime, the automatic simplified taxation system (AUTS), which will operate in Russia from January 1, 2023, RBC reported.

According to the results of the survey conducted by Aktion Accounting service among more than 400 Russian companies from all regions of the country, 39% of respondents admitted that it was unprofitable for them to switch to AUSN due to high tax rates. Taxpayers in AUTS can choose the object of taxation – “income” or “income reduced by the amount of expenses”, but the rates in AUTS are higher than in the usual, simplified system (STS), – 8% and 20% compared with 6% and 15%.

13% of respondents gave their own reasons for not moving to AUSN. Therefore, some do not trust the IFTS due to “constant errors”, others want to independently manage the payment of taxes and duties, others think, want to “look at the implementation”, the rest are “satisfied with the simplified tax system” ”.

Only 3% of micro companies from the survey declared that they were ready to migrate, but in fact only 1% of companies did.

Former Russian government approved An experiment on the introduction of the “Automatic Simplified Taxation System”, a simplified tax regime in Moscow, Tatarstan, Moscow and Kaluga regions. According to preliminary data, the transition experiment will take 6 years.

Source: Gazeta


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