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“Raw material is scarce.” Hair dye prices doubled


What about paint prices?

The rise in the prices of cosmetics and care products was reported by the media in the spring after many foreign manufacturers announced that they would stop or suspend their work in Russia. Already in the summer, the girls complained on social networks that they could not find products of familiar brands in stores, and if they did, their prices had doubled by that time.

World champion, absolute European champion in hairdressing, singer and showman Sergei Zverev confirmed to socialbites.ca that the cost of hair dye is increasing in all categories.

“Premium paints – Loreal, Kydra, Moroccanoil – their prices increased by 30% on average. There was a 50% jump in prices, then a comeback. And the best stylists working for them increased prices in beauty salons accordingly. “Business” category – Schwartzkopf, Londa, Wella – the price of paints increased by 20%. At the same time, Londa and Wella are no longer on the Russian market, “he said.

According to the stylist, the price of the economy segment has increased by 50% or more. And paint under Zverev’s own brand – 5% adjusted for inflation.

The trend is confirmed by the owners and employees of Russian beauty salons.

“The prices of all products of all brands have increased. And domestic too. 30-80% different positions,” said Alla Khryachkova, owner of a beauty salon from the Samara region.

The owner of the Moscow beauty salon “Arena” Zhanna said that the price of hair dye has increased by 20%. “With a discount it costs 499 rubles, now it costs 650 rubles. “The dollar jumped first, then came back, but producers did not lower prices,” he said.

According to Tatyana, the hairdresser in the Moscow Beauty Blooming salon, paint prices have increased by 30-40%. Stylist Marina Trusova, who owns a beauty salon in the Samara region, explained that the biggest price increase since March was in hair dye in the low and medium price segments.

“I work with German brands – Wella and Londa, with a slight increase in prices. In general, the prices of cosmetics in the middle price segment rose strongly. The price of domestic hair dyes has increased even more. But the more expensive, premium brands didn’t raise the price tag too much,” he said.

What about the coloring prices?

According to Sergey Zverev, prices for hair dyeing services in economy class salons have not increased, premium prices have increased slightly, and prices for services in the premium segment have increased the most. She added that there are fewer appointments and more time for top stylists.

“The cost of services in my salon remained the same. But due to the consumption of products with an increased price, dyeing turns out to be 300-500 rubles more expensive, ”said the artist.

Tatyana explained that the cost of coloring has increased by 15-20%.

What about dyeing and dyeing demand?

Yandex.Market was unable to provide statistics on changes in hair dye prices, in response to a request from socialbites.ca. However, it reported an increase in demand for these products, which may indirectly confirm the price increase.

“Demand for hair dye increased in March. Sales nearly doubled on average. This was largely because users were stocking up on goods for the future.

Estel brand, one of the Russian brands, became the leader in sales growth among hair dyes. Yandex.Market press service continues to demand other well-known brands such as Wella, Loreal, IGORA and Londa.”

Ozon and Wildberries did not respond to a request from socialbites.ca.

ESTEL technologist Elena noted in an interview with the publication that Russian companies are trying to occupy a niche that foreign companies have vacated.

“Many brands have left Russia, but for us this is the best. ESTEL is the most expensive brand in Europe. This company produces a lot, and often these are new, innovative products. Many of our colleagues from Europe have suffered more, there is no possibility to take them,” he said.

According to the INFOLine agency, the share of imported products in cosmetics in the Russian retail market is 50%, and in perfumery – 70%.

“Naturally, a sharp drop in supply upset the balance in the market. Only domestic manufacturers positively evaluated this result, and then only in terms of the opportunity to occupy empty niches. But with the concern that domestic cosmetics production is focused on imported raw materials, components and packaging,” he said. GV Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya.

According to Elena, there has been import substitution for ESTEL products for a long time.

“There are products in different price categories. All cosmetics for Russia are already in St. It is being prepared at our ESTEL factories in St. Petersburg,” he explained.

Zverev emphasized that hair coloring remains one of the most popular services.

“Whether the price of the service will increase in the future depends on whether manufacturing companies will be present in the Russian market. Raw material is not enough. 95% of the domestic producer is dependent on imported raw materials. Half European, half Asian,” said Zverev.

According to Zverev, the price of foreign brands will depend on the development of parallel imports.

“If major retailers-marketplaces – Wildberries, Ozone – get it, the price could go down. Otherwise, prices will be fixed. There are problems with logistics. Transport prices increased 3.5 times. Also, delivery times have increased. These are both monetary and commodity risks,” Zverev summarized.

Between February and July, the price of hair dyes increased by 30-80%, depending on the brand. This was reported to socialbites.ca by stylists, owners and employees of beauty salons. Salons and hairdressers raised prices for dyeing services. World champion in hairdressing Sergey Zverev believes that the procedure can be cheaper, but for this, large retailers and markets should actively work on parallel imports.

Source: Gazeta



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