Gazprom accuses Siemens and Western partners of breaching contractual obligations

Gazprom Deputy Head Vitaly Markelov is on the air “Russia 24” He stated that the company does not accept the accusations of its Western partners that it has not fulfilled its contractual obligations for gas supply.

According to Markelov, initially the terms of the contract were violated by the western counterparties of the holding, and Siemens did not fulfill its obligations to service the compressor stations. He noted that this led to a further reduction in supply. In support of his words, Markelov promised to become a public part of correspondence with partners.

“I would like to note that European partners accuse Gazprom of unreasonably reducing gas supplies to Europe. Everything is the opposite. They are the ones who do not fulfill their contractual obligations for the maintenance of compressor stations”.

According to him, Siemens was only able to eliminate “more than a quarter” of the malfunctions detected in the turbines of the gas pipeline.

“We sent 10 letters to Siemens, Siemens did not eliminate more than a quarter of the faults, for the rest, unfortunately, we did not receive constructive proposals to restore the safety and reliability of the motors in accordance with all regulatory requirements. Russian Federation,” he said.

Markelov emphasized that Siemens has no restrictions on access to the Portovaya compressor station and has all the facilities to carry out the necessary service work.

He also pointed out that the delivery of gas turbine engines from Canada to Germany did not comply with the terms of the contract. According to him, this creates the risk of sanctions from the European Union. Markelov noted that today Gazprom does not have a complete package of documents that allow the transportation and repair of engines for Nord Stream.

Markelov urged partners to resolve issues as soon as possible so that the supply situation stabilizes.

The day before, German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck declarationBerlin provided all the documents to ship the turbine required for Nord Stream to Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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