Gazprom reports that Siemens has eliminated more than a quarter of faults in turbines

Vitaly Markelov, vice president of Gazprom, said that German conglomerate Siemens has not eliminated more than a quarter of the problems found in Nord Stream turbines. that quote TASS.

“Siemens did not eliminate more than a quarter of the faults, for the rest, unfortunately, we did not receive constructive proposals to restore the safety and reliability of engines in accordance with all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.” Said. On the air of Rossiya-24 TV channel.

At the same time, Gazprom vice-president noted that Siemens specialists have every opportunity to do service work. At the same time, Siemens said earlier this week that it had not received any reports from Gazprom about malfunctions in the turbines of the Nord Stream pipeline.

In addition, Gazprom published Correspondence with partners about the repair of turbines and documents in Portovaya CS, the starting point of Nord Stream in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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