Gas supply via Nord Stream reduced to 20% of full capacity

Gas supply via Nord Stream reduced to 20% of full capacity, reports DEA News” With reference to the German operator Gascade.

The reason for the decrease in gas pumping was the shutdown of another turbine unit necessary for pumping blue fuel.

The German Ministry of Economy says “there is no technical reason for the reduction in supply”, while Siemens Energy claims that it does not see a connection between the turbine required for the gas pipeline to function fully and the power outage. in gas sources.

Andreas Kluth, former Bloomberg columnist and European policy expert declarationIt shows that European countries are in solidarity, including on the issue of gas saving.

According to Klut, 27 countries of the European Union have reached an agreement on gas savings, but this agreement contains many loopholes and opportunities to avoid the direct application of sanctions.

Source: Gazeta


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