FAS extends Magnit and Dixy’s zero margin prescription for some commodities for one year

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has extended the zero trade margin prescription for certain goods in the consumer basket for retail chains Magnit, Dixy and Megamart for one year. About author Agency TASS, referring to the press service of the department.

The corresponding FAS order was placed by Tander JSC (Magnit retail chain) in July 2021 when the Dixy and Megamart chains were purchased.

These stores will continue to sell chicken meat, 2.5-3.2% fat drinkable pasteurized milk, wheat, rye and bread and bakery products made from a mixture of rye and wheat flour with a shelf life of less than 10 days, free of charge.

In addition, retail chains have been ordered to support socially vulnerable segments of the population by implementing a loyalty program for retirees, their relatives and caregivers.

the previous day reportedThe X5 Group retailer has launched a pilot food sharing project together with the Foodsharing organization and the Russian food fund. We are talking about donating food products that have expired but are still usable.

Source: Gazeta


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