France plans to fully fill its gas storage facilities by 1 November

French Minister of Energy Conversion Agnès Pannier-Runachet said the country expects to fill its strategic gas storage facilities to 100% by November. The President of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Turkey told the TV channel about this. TF1.

“Our goal is to fill the strategic gas storage facilities 100% by November 1st. We set ourselves this more ambitious goal.”

Pannier-Ryunashe noted that these figures exceed the targets set by the European Commission. He stressed that the French authorities want to make every effort to protect their citizens and prepare the country for the winter period.

European Council at the end of June accepted A decision to fill at least 80% of underground gas storages (UGS) in European countries by the winter season of 2022. A decision was also made on the mandatory certification of UGS operators in order to avoid possible risks of external interference in the operation of gas storage facilities.

the previous day reportedThe countries of the European Union have agreed on the possibility of a series of exceptions to the mandatory but voluntary 15% reduction mechanism in natural gas consumption.

Source: Gazeta


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