RN-Vankor to deliver 1.5 million tons of cargo to Vostok Oil facilities during summer voyage 11:31

During the summer navigation period, RN-Vankor (part of the Rosneft oil and gas production complex) plans to deliver a record amount of cargo to Vostok Oil facilities – about 1.5 million tons of materials and equipment. This was reported by the company’s press service.

It was noted that deliveries of goods to production facilities located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory along the Yenisei River and the Northern Sea Route have begun.

326 fleet units will be deployed to transport goods from the ports of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Krasnoyarsk, Lesosibirsk and Dudinka, as well as river ports in the Ob-Irtysh basin.

To receive cargo in Taimyr, oil workers plan to use 14 berths and 5 production bases – Bay Sever, Tanalau, Karaul, Tochino, Vorontsovo, Dudinki port, as well as the Chaika, Dikson and “North Star” terminals on the Yenisei. Bases of the Vankor and Suzun fields located in the Kara Sea Gulf and on the Bolshaya Kheta River.

Berths for unloading cargo have already been prepared – specialists have carried out bank protection work and prepared storage areas.

The company announced that the discharge will be carried out around the clock due to the short-term “high water” in the Bolshaya Kheta River.

Metal structures, equipment, cable, wire and pipe products, transport cabins, cement and other materials will be delivered for the construction of Vostok Oil facilities and maintenance of existing infrastructure at the Vankor cluster sites.

This season, the development of the Payakhskoye, Ichemminskoye and Baikalovskoye fields will continue, as well as the construction of external transport system facilities, including the Vankor-Paiyakha-Bay North oil pipeline, energy supply facilities, logistics infrastructure, etc.

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Source: Gazeta


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