Analyst predicts dollar, euro and yuan exchange rates for next week 11:43

Next week, the yuan exchange rate on the stock exchange will be 11.8-12.1 rubles, and the official dollar and euro rates It is created by the Central Bank based on over-the-counter market data. – 87-89 rubles and 95-96 rubles, respectively. This forecast was given to by BCS World of Investments analyst Denis Buivolov, explaining that the assessment is made subject to the absence of new shocks.

“After the fiscal authorities eased support for the ruble by easing the threshold for the return of export earnings and reducing daily net foreign exchange sales under the fiscal rule by 30%, the dollar, euro and yuan approached economically viable levels. This week, the exchange rate dynamics strengthened, the ruble stopped its decline and launched a series of counterattacks. The expert noted that the foreign exchange yuan returned to 12 rubles, while the official dollar and euro remained stuck at 88 and 95.5 rubles, respectively.

According to him, Russian importers are not so fast to establish new commodity and currency channels, and oil exports at comfortable prices also translate into an increase in foreign currency supply. At the same time, the analyst concluded that the Central Bank’s tight monetary policy continues to play a role in the ruble. According to him, the meeting of the European Central Bank next week with key interest rates may affect the ruble-euro pair.

As of July 10, the official dollar and euro exchange rates were 88.0031 rubles and 95.3447 rubles. According to the Moscow Exchange, at 11:19 Moscow time, the yuan cost 11,925 rubles.

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Source: Gazeta


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