The Central Bank did not rule out the creation of new payment platforms 16:34

The head of the Central Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, allowed the emergence of new global payment platforms, she said at the plenary session of the regulator’s Financial Congress. TASS.

“As countries look at our experience and understand the fragility of financial infrastructure and the fragility of just including them in one existing system, I think some global platforms will emerge,” he said.

Room sureThe Central Bank of Russia will take all measures to ensure predictable and low inflation. “” is ahead online broadcast Plenary session of the Financial Congress of the Bank of Russia.

June 26, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Ivan Chebeskov It has been saidIt was reported that Russia is working with the central banks of the BRICS countries on the creation of the BRICS Bridge settlement and payment infrastructure. The BRICS Bridge platform will be designed for settlements in national currencies, including digital ones.

Before that, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov reportedIt was noted that the Russian side invited the BRICS member states and partners of this alliance to make cross-border payments on the compromise platform.

Earlier Mikhail Mishustin in the name Creating an independent payment system in the CIS.

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Source: Gazeta


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