Russians were told how to get an interview at their dream company 05:01

If the applicant researches the company, he has a better chance of getting an interview with the company of his dreams; this way he will show the recruiter his interest in the job. Therefore, you need to read the official website in advance, browse the company’s social networks, study its mission and current projects, and look at employee reviews. Irina Petrova, Deputy General Director of Human Resources at Unigreen Energy, told

The second step is to be precise.

“Google has such a good reputation that everyone seems to dream of working for this company, and many don’t care at all what position they end up in. But from an HR perspective, this is a bad sign; the recruiter will think that you are not careful enough when choosing a job. It would be much better to know exactly what position you are applying for and to think about what opportunities you might have in this position,” Petrova said.

The third step is to hone your skills. A good resume will get you an interview, but to get the job, you need to stand out from the rest of the candidates, says Petrova. In a sea of ​​applicants for a good position, those with broader skills and more experience will have an advantage.

Step four is to ask for references, which is important to recruiters. This could be feedback from your managers, former co-workers, or direct reports. Take care of this upfront.

The fifth step is to make your profiles on social networks attractive to employers, show what a versatile and responsible person you are, talk about interesting projects completed, achievements at work, participation in professional activities and do not publish or delete any defamatory content.

The sixth step is to make your portfolio high-quality and relevant, including work samples and client reviews.

The seventh step is to prepare your answers and questions.

“As a rule, there is a standard list of questions in an interview: your previous experience, your career path, your motivation to change jobs, what you liked/did not like about your job, what were your successes and failures, what would you do? I like to change. Think about how you will answer when HR asks about your strengths and weaknesses, why you want to work in the company and your goals for the future. If you are prepared, then you will be able to orient yourself better and, for example, add a little humor if the interviewer is present,” the expert explained.

The eighth step is to think about your appearance and be confident during the interview with the HR officer.

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