Gas from the European Union will become more expensive in Moldova 19:08

The price of gas that Moldova buys from the EU market will increase by 17 euros in June, from 349 euros to 366 euros per 1,000 cubic meters.

According to the agreement made between Moldovagaz JSC and Energocom JSC, it was noted that the purchase price in July 2024 will be 34.43 euros per MWh, that is, 366.34 euros per 1 thousand cubic meters excluding VAT.

Before reportedMoldovan Energy Minister Viktor Parlikov said that Chisinau and Kiev had reached an informal agreement on continuing the transit of Russian gas to Transnistria after the contract between Gazprom and Naftogaz expired. He also noted that Chisinau would not act as a guarantor under any gas contracts. Parlikov also said that transporting Russian gas to Transnistria via Turkey was a “viable option”, but that the design of the pipeline did not allow it to bypass Ukraine.

Alexey Chernyshev, former head of Naftogaz offered Türkiye will store gas in Ukraine

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Source: Gazeta


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