Expert evaluated the potential of Russia’s gas supply to Iran 13:14

Evgenia Popova, a senior consultant at Practicea, says that Russia’s potential to supply gas to Iran without the construction of new pipelines is about 10 billion cubic meters per year. Here are her quotes RIA News.

According to expert estimates, the volume of gas to be pumped in the next two years will not exceed 3-4 billion cubic meters. These volumes will go to Iran’s internal needs.

On Wednesday, June 26, Russia’s Gazprom and Iran’s National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) signed Strategic Memorandum on improving the organization of natural gas pipeline supplies from the Russian Federation to the Islamic Republic. Experts take into accountIt is stated that Gazprom intends to gain a foothold in the Middle East through Iran.

Before that Russia guess Sharp increase in oil and gas revenues.

Former head of Gazprom Alexey Miller statedHe said that the Russian Federation will soon become China’s largest gas supplier.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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