Moscow Stock Exchange website was not available to users 10:50

The Moscow Stock Exchange website was inaccessible to users for approximately 20 minutes. An error occurred while trying to open the site.

The Moscow Stock Exchange website did not open from approximately 10:20 to 10:40. Here “Error.rf” It claims that users have not reported any errors with the site. According to the data, the source has been working without errors for the last ten days.

Russian banks on June 21 collided The problem of closing currency exchange transactions in dollars and euros due to sanctions on the Moscow Stock Exchange and National Clearing House (NCC).

On June 20, the Moscow Stock Exchange index fell below 3,000 points. Indicator bargain It fell below this level for the first time since December 15, 2023.

Moscow Stock Exchange from June 13 stopped Due to US sanctions, it is traded in US dollars and euros. The trading platform noted that trading will be carried out on all instruments in the foreign exchange market and precious metals market, except for currency pairs consisting of the US dollar and euro.

Russians before It has been recommended Do not rush to buy dollars after sanctions on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

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Source: Gazeta


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