The awareness level of Russians regarding the products of BRICS countries has been revealed 05:00

The majority of Russians surveyed (57%) can name at least one product for which this or that BRICS country is famous. For comparison, the same figure for the CIS countries is 40%, according to a survey by the NAFI analytical center. has its results.

“The Russian consumer associates BRICS countries mainly with the food (mostly fruits and vegetables) and beverages (tea, coffee) they provide. For example, Russians associate Brazil with bananas, coffee and cocoa, as well as meat. India – with tea, rice and spices. NAFI press service noted that China with rice, noodles and tea.

China, India and Brazil are the producing countries that Russians are most familiar with. The percentage of participants who had difficulty naming at least one product that these countries are famous for was 22%, 17% and 31%, respectively.

Often, questions about goods produced in South Africa caused difficulties – 7 out of 10 respondents could not name a single product produced in this country. Ethiopia and the UAE also caused difficulties with product attribution (55% and 53% respectively). Those naming food associations chose coffee and gold from South Africa, coffee from Ethiopia and sweets from the UAE.

The income level of 55% of the participants who have difficulty determining product relations with BRICS countries is below average. 43 percent have average income, 31 percent have above average income.

The groups with the lowest awareness and weakest product associations are Boomers (born in 1960 and above) and Generation Z (born in 2001 and younger) – 55% and 57% could not name a single product association with the suggested countries.

The survey was conducted in May – June 2024. More than 1,600 Russians took part in the competition. BRICS initially consisted of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Previously happened It is known which CIS country manufacturers Russians trust the most.

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Source: Gazeta


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