Central Bank of Iran will introduce offshore rial for transactions with Russia 12:33

Iran is working to implement the idea of ​​an offshore rial and plans to use it in financial transactions with Russia soon. This was stated by the governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Mohammad Farzin, at the opening of the project to introduce the digital rial into public circulation, the agency reported. ILNA.

According to Farzin, the project is currently in development.

Offshore rial is a currency used in Iran’s cross-border commercial transactions with many countries. One of the most important areas of use is the development of the national currency and the management of foreign exchange expenditures. Due to the sanctions imposed by America, Iran’s connection to the international interbank SWIFT system was cut off.

On June 18, the Central Bank of Iran to enter digital rial entered public circulation. The new form of money became available on June 21. It is planned that the use of digital rubles and crypto rials will facilitate trade between countries, as well as alleviate the consequences of sanctions.

It was previously reported that he was in Iran. prepare Pilot project for acceptance of Mir cards.

Russians before warned about a new digital ruble fraud scheme.

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Source: Gazeta


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