Musk forced the CEO of Company X to rotate staff 08:52

The management of the American company The newspaper writes about this Finance Times With reference to sources.

According to journalists, tension between Musk and Yaccarino arose due to the billionaire’s demands to increase the company’s revenues and reduce its expenses. The entrepreneur suggested reducing the number of sales department employees, especially in the American and UK offices.

“In June, CEO X fired his right-hand man and head of business operations and communications, Joe Benarroca,” the publication said.

Two unnamed company employees told the publication that Yaccarino accused Benarroc of not promptly informing customers about changes to the rules for using the social network. We are talking about publishing content classified as 18+ on the platform.

The sacked person’s duties are now expected to be handed over to Nick Pickles, head of government relations.

11 June Musk statedHe said he plans to ban the use of Apple devices in his companies. This was due to the inclusion of OpenAI artificial intelligence (AI) technology in these devices.

Former journalists learned About whether Musk is ready to leave Tesla unless he is paid a multibillion-dollar bonus.

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Source: Gazeta


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