An Austrian heiress donated 25 million Euros of her fortune 13:55

In Austria, Marlene Engelhorn, heiress of the founders of the chemical company BASF, decided to donate approximately 25 million euros of the fortune she received from her grandmother to social, educational, environmental and other important initiatives. The newspaper writes about this Courier.

Earlier this year, the 32-year-old Austrian woman founded the Good Redistribution Council. There were 50 people on this list who would decide where 25 million euros would be spent.

According to the council’s decision, those who will receive the most money from Engelhorn’s estate will be the environmental organization Naturschutzbund Österreich (1.6 million euros will be transferred to him) and the homeless charity Neunerhaus (1.59 million euros).

The distribution focused on issues such as the seriousness of the organizations and how the money could be used to create a long-term impact.

The money will flow to organizations in various tranches over three to five years.

Before that Forbes accepted Indian businessman Ambani is the richest heir in the world.

Russians before saidWhat are the consequences of inheriting?

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Source: Gazeta


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