Medya Holding News Media announced personnel changes 10:06

News Media holding has appointed general managers of Life, Mash and Mash Regions publications. This was stated in the statement received by

Denis Arapov, who before joining the holding headed the information policy department in the administration of the Tomsk region, was appointed general director of the Life publication. Mash’s general director will be Nadezhda Gladchenko, who was previously the publication’s deputy editor-in-chief. In addition, the general director of Mash Regions, Ivan Obydenkov, was transferred to the position of general director of the publication.

“Decisions were made to appoint LIFE, Mash and Mash Regions with the aim of improving the performance of these assets and the holding as a whole. “We gave our employees, who achieved significant results in the company, the opportunity to realize their potential in responsible positions,” he said.

News Media’s holding company was founded in 2001. It includes the Life, Mash, Shot, Super publications, the author’s program “Alena, damn!”, the Gigarama laboratory, the newspaper “Life”, the communication solutions agency Five Public and the media AChBD.

Maxim Iksanov previously statedHe said that the media helps support and develop small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, as well as strengthens international relations and allows them to solve strategic problems.

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Source: Gazeta


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