In Russia, they discussed the consequences of US sanctions against the Moscow Stock Exchange 06/12/2024, 23:44

Mikhail Delyagin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy of the Russian Federation, allowed the introduction of a new format for the Moscow Stock Exchange to operate in dollars after the United States imposed sanctions against the exchange. This was reported by “”.

He emphasized that it is not very clear how dollar trading will be done on the Moscow Stock Exchange, but considering that it takes place within the country, the process can be adjusted and trading will continue.

Delyagin believes this may take some time.

He also expressed the opinion that the Moscow Exchange should trade not in dollars but in “a symbol of the dollar”, which would require some work.

The MP stated that the Moscow Stock Exchange must also make new regulations, otherwise trading will be moved to another platform.

Before that, starting from June 13, the Moscow Stock Exchange will stop Due to US sanctions, it is traded in US dollars and euros. Moscow Stock Exchange emphasized that starting from tomorrow, all instruments will be traded in the foreign exchange market and precious metals market, except for currency pairs consisting of the US dollar and euro.

Bank of Russia press release statedIt was stated that the Moscow Stock Exchange suspended foreign exchange trading in dollars and euros due to the sanctions of the US Treasury.

Putin before statedWestern sanctions hinder Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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